Week 3 May 2021

2021-05-10 Mon — Joe Corneli

I went through the Peeragogy task list and sorted it into manageable packets using Org Agenda. In the process I marked a few duplicates, not-obviously-doable, and outdated items as WONTFIX. I also did some work on the ‘Top-level’ page, which has most of the makings of poetic overview of what’s going on with Peeragogy. The packets of tasks are viewable on the tags page.

So, that nearly finishes off the earlier goal of ‘patternizing’ the major sections — at a draft status with minimal patterns — though there are a few more to add, in the Technologies and Case studies sections. It would make sense to bring along some short patterns dealing with the technologies sections for Wednesday the 12th, when I’m planning to meet with Ray to discuss “Tools for Thought Revisited” in preparation for an internal talk taking place on the 18th.

By the way, one reason I know these specific forward-looking calendrical details is that I missed a one-hour presentation on Friday since there wasn’t a calendar reminder about it — and as a result I proposed that we include some forward-planning for the week ahead in the checkout at ERG.

The other major thing I moved forward was work on the HCI Ethics slides, which I converted with this massive pandoc oneliner:

pandoc --citeproc --bibliography /home/joe/hci-ethics-readings.bib \
       --csl=chicago-fullnote-bibliography-short-title-subsequent.csl \
       -M suppress-bibliography=true \
       HCCC-storyboard.org --to pptx -o HCCC-storyboard.pptx

The resulting .pptx file could be loaded into Google Slides for discussion with Luís, though we haven’t overlapped for a live discussion about this stuff yet. I’m thinking of the result as a ‘storyboard’, not yet a draft, but something more than just a detailed outline. The strategy of writing outlinetreatmentstoryboarddraft makes some sense for a big piece like this.

Another thing I worked on was a shorter set of slides for the Feeling Zembla talk with Thomas.

Other reflections

Over the weekend I did some reflection, coming up with some bullet points that could start to outline a vision for the future on the 1½-years scale.

  • We have submitted some ‘short’ proposals that decompose the discovery theme into doable packets.

  • We have written some Clojure code that operationalises program discovery.

  • I have written about 1000 pages of typescript developing different ideas and possibilities.

  • We have a business plan for Hyperreal Enterprises ready to run and some evidence that it works.

  • The business plan has a cognate research plan ready to submit to an agency like the European Research Council or EPSRC.

  • Things have gone well developing AIDAN and it can be used as a model case study within the next version of the Peeragogy Handbook.

  • I have gotten to know people here in Oxford and am happy with the state of my relationships.

  • I have kept up my reading on philosophy of technology and would be ready to write a book in this area, or to do a second PhD or supervise someone else’s PhD on these topics.

  • Things are going well with Alex’s career and with the careers of everyone who put in some time and effort in Hyperreal.

We also had a lively session at ERG.

Feeling status

I’m not sure if it is as a result of the planning and other activities, or just the way things are shaping up around my flat right now — or if I’ve onboarded a virus or some allergies or something — but I’ve felt very tired on Monday morning (including when I’m writing this). So, I’ll try to revisit the above at a time when I’m feeling more with it.

My guess is that I’m tired because I have taken a break from the various ‘good habits’ I defined — by and large they should be restoring me rather than costing energy. But it’s hard to do things like, e.g., write, if I am feeling tired. I think part of the solution is to try to spend more time during the day roaming through the items here on Exp2Exp, so that I have the sense of being prepared. The other thing is to add in more wind-down time in the evening.

Next steps

I still have a bunch of things in my agenda that look like personal planning and processing, so these are going to have to be priortised. I’d like to see somewhat more specific progress on the individual topics, but probably working back from the ‘vision’ mentioned above to think about the things that can actually be done to support it would make sense as a place to start.

There’s an Oxford AI meetup this evening that looks like an interesting one — but of course that interferes with the time I would spend writing. Maybe I can try turning on the video and put it on as a background process, though that sounds a extremely dubious. (I wonder if they are recorded?) Or, maybe I should just go ahead and attend it this time if I’m still feeling under the weather.

Other than all this, I’ll have some meetings on Friday to revisit the grant that went in while ago. And there are a few other writing projects I’d like to get started on. In the big picture, I think Arxana is what’s most in scope this quarter, since I want to be working towards another small proposal about that.

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