We talked about using Wikum as a forum, because we liked the idea of a workflow based on summarising discussions. There’s now a demo instance set up that we can use, here:

Could we incorporate the ideas directly in Org or Org Roam?

Perhaps we could incorporate some Wikum ideas right into the wiki here. The idea would be to treat the top paragraph on each page as a summary, and then add discussion threads below. We’d want some system of tags that indicated whether the summary was validated or now. (Note the the original WikiWikiWeb did not have separate talk pages! I don’t know if they practiced robust summarisation, either.)


This is an “inline task,” via (require 'org-inlinetask). There doesn’t seem to be support for nested or threaded tasks, but maybe we would have use for non-threaded forum discussions at the end of any page in the Wiki. Incidentally, for those curious, the formatting of the \LaTeX\nbsp{}export is controlled byorg-latex-format-inlinetask-function.


Next steps

BACK What might our summarisation workflow look like?

Since we’re pretty actively updating our Discord and pretty happy using it, maybe people who are working on Active Projects would be willing to summarise on the wiki, say, weekly? And contribute to a monthly group blog post?