Code sharing platform

For now we have a Github organisation (, as well as a separate repo that contains these Org Roam notes, among other things. This could potentially be improved or upgraded in various ways.


  • Nextjournal is interesting

  • It's like a Jupyter notebook

  • It's like Org Bable so you can run code in any language within the same environment

  • If I need to add a bash cell to a Julia notebook, it adds a kernel as needed at the run time

  • If I install a bunch of libraries, and save the current environment in a docker container, you can import it

  • It doesn't yet have an easy way to make an app?

What if you had a browser based version of Org Bable?

  • You could have your notebook, backed by the ability to use Emacs


  • Setting up a data science experiment

  • Wadler et al. course in Agda in NextJournal

  • But you can't easily treat this as ‘Org Roam’ (no bi-directional things)

Next evolution

We need a basic code sharing platform to get to work. The next evolution might look like what we’ve been calling the “Emacs Hyper Notebook”? However, some contributors are not interested in using Emacs for everything. And we can’t assume that users would be interested in it either!